Are you an Insolvency Practitioner looking for A “fast, no fuss and free” solution

Regardless of property size or value, we are well equipped to help insolvency practitioners accelerate the sale of property and land through our online Insolvency auctions.

We ensure that property disposal in both formal insolvencies and business turnaround/reorganisation is handled by those with expertise in both property and insolvency law

Our IP team fully appreciate the nuanced nature of an insolvency sale and the expectation of an IP that the conduct and terms of that sale will be such that no personal liability will attach to the IP.

We commonly act for IPs and others who are qualified to take appointments as LPA receivers in respect of property and land. Auctions ensure that LPA receivers discharge their duties and effect sales in a timely manner.

Struggling with financial commitments?

Do your financial forecasts suggest that there will imminently be a gap between your income and your known or potential outgoings? Need help raising cash through an efficient and best price sale of property?

Our partners offer a help line for business and property owners requiring assistance and advice if you are experiencing financial issues. Don't leave it until it's too late.

We can offer help. There are a number of ways in which value/potential future value of property can be utilised, or in which tax credits can be identified and released, to release general cash flow which is vital for the viability of a business or to create stability in personal financing.


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