Buying at Auction with Finance

Buying a property at auction is very different to traditional purchases. Completions are required to happen much faster, so it often pays to arrange your finance before the auction gets into full swing.

After all, the moment the hammer goes down money switches hands and you'll typically have only 28 days to provide the balance of the purchase price

Bidding with confidence

If you're investing in a residential or commercial property, or plot of land at our auctions, speak to DNA Financial Solutions about arranging any short-term finance you need to complete your purchase. If you are planning on retaining the property, they are also experts in the full spectrum of mortgage products. Make an enquiry today.

DNA Financial Solutions pride themselves on rapid funding from the whole of market.

Our Cooperation

Town & Country Property Auctions Finance Team is powered by DNA Financial Solutions

We work with DNA Financial Solutions who are well-versed in the world of short-term finance. Their experts are on-hand before, during, and after the auction to help you turn the funds around within a tight timeframe.

They can finance any property from your standard two up two down or semi-detached all the way through to quirkier builds, unusual properties and building plots lacking planning permission.

DNA Financial Solutions is here for all your property finance and protection needs. Whether you are looking at buying your first home, investing in your next buy-to-let, or looking to insure those closest to you at home or business, we are your go-to brokerage.

We are experienced and there are very few circumstances we have not helped or seen before! We offer products from the whole of the market and are proudly independent and unbiased – guiding you in the best way possible according to your circumstances.

Speed, service & support
Short-term finance over 1-12 months
Funding for residential, investment property, commercial property and land purchases
Funding for non-standard construction and Japanese knotweed
All income types considered
Up to 85% loan-to-value
Deals for flipping or retaining projects – mortgages can be arranged as an exit for short term auction finance

Auction ready

Get an in-principal decision, in advance of the auction in question to give yourself the best chance of securing your desired lot.

To see how much you could borrow, contact DNA Financial Solutions to get pre-approved finance ahead of auction day

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